Our work are fully plagiarism-free

We understand the importance of truly customized paper, so we invested huge amount of our resources to create unique software that checks written papers for plagiarism. We call it “Antipo”. All procedures are done by our employees without relying on mediators.

Other companies often choose simple, cheaper methods and use internet provided plagiarism checking systems, thus exposing your paper to the third parties. These systems leave a copy of the paper in on-line database bringing you the additional risk. There are very few global plagiarism detection systems like EVE2 Plagiarism Detection for Teachers, Glatt Plagiarism Program, TurnItIn plagiarism detection, and MyDropBox. There is a great chance that lecturers will use the same systems and you will always get 100% plagiarism match. Moreover, some plagiarism detection systems are owned by the companies that also own essay mills and free paper databases. It is only a matter of time when your paper completed by one of those writing companies will appear in their database and will be viewable by your college officials.


I’m very busy with work at my company, so I don‘t have time to write such papers. Your company is a real savior to me. I‘m already a good expert of my field and I know what needs to be written..
Alex, Germany


My friend recommended me your website. I listened to her and ordered my paper from your company. I'm fully satisfied with the results and will always recommend your services to other people.
Alina, United Kingdom

Best wishes

It was really hard to choose one custom essay writing service out of a dozen available online. I read some of the comments and decided to choose Liveessay. I always expect the highest standards possible and was surprised how you managed to cope with all my requests. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
Laura, United States

· Published on March 9th, 2016