All guarantees

We provide all possible guarantees

In order to protect our good name and to meet even the most exceptional needs of our clients, we provide a wide range of guarantees. Unlike some of our competitors, we see our work as a long-term practice; therefore we do everything to satisfy our clients who might eventually recommend us to their friends and colleagues. We guarantee:

Refund guarantee. If we are unable to meet your expectations and terms that were agreed upon we will refund up to 100% of the payment. You can also request a complete refund if there was no work done on your paper or it has just been started.
Paper in advance. You do not have to pay a full price at once as other companies ask to do. Payments are made only for completed parts of the paper. That is, we prepare a part of paper and send it to you. You only pay if the quality is satisfying.
Total confidentiality. Your privacy and security are our priorities. We do not provide ANY information about your order to the third parties.
Totally custom paper. We choose writers using a special program that ensures originality of every paper and helps to avoid repetition of ideas by same authors. Other companies work with same writers that use same ideas, phrases, sentences and styles; therefore there is a possibility that anti-plagiarism systems used by lecturers might indicate matches with other papers written by the same author. By choosing us, you will evade that risk.
No plagiarsim. We created unique software that checks written papers for plagiarism. All procedures are done by our employees without relying on mediators. Other companies use internet provided plagiarism checking systems, thus exposing your paper to the third parties. These systems leave a copy of the paper in the on-line database bringing the additional risk. Lecturers using the same system will always get 100% plagiarism match. By working with us, you will evade that risk.
No distribution. We do not distribute or resell already written products. All papers are written from scratch.
Agreement possibility. If requested, we can sign a guarantee agreement. This written document will grant you all consumer rights provided by law. We are confident of our abilities to solve all the problems and we are not afraid to ratify our responsibilities by law.
Prompt service. We will reply as soon as possible to your questions and provide all the help you need.

· Published on April 9th, 2014